by DevRev

Slack for DevRev

Never leave your customers in the dark! Create DevRev tickets and keep customers up to date without ever leaving Slack.



Enable Slack users to reduce context switching and interact with DevRev from within Slack. Create DevRev tickets from Slack conversations and keep your customers up to date.


Connect with Slack and ensure your customer or internal conversations are always in sync with DevRev tickets.

Conversation tracking

With conversation tracking, you can track your Slack conversations with customers and the resulting tickets so you don't lose context. Keep the conversation going in Slack or DevRev and never miss an update.

Create tickets

Use the ⋮ actions menu to create a ticket from an existing Slack conversation. When you use this action, your ticket will contain a link back to the Slack conversations.

Preview record

Slack shows a title, description, status, and owner preview any time you post a DevRev URL.

Ticket updates

Updates on DevRev tickets can be posted in Slack, so conversations are in sync. If you have customer conversations over Slack, then this automation enables automatic status updates.

Personal view of tickets

With /devrev view ticket ID or issue ID, the user can display a preview of the work items. This view is private to the user that uses this command, and is not available for everyone on the Slack channel or direct message.

Share ticket

With /devrev show ticket ID or issue ID, the user can display a preview of the work items to everyone in that channel or direct message.


To use this snap-in, you'll need to connect your Slack with DevRev. When you install this snap-in, we'll walk you through a few steps to connect and configure it.

See the Slack snap-in docs for step-by-step installation and usage instructions.