GitHub Issues
GitHub Issues
by DevRev


Import or sync GitHub issues and users for a seamless DevRev onboarding experience.



GitHub Airdrop makes it easy to transition from using GitHub issues to managing your issues in DevRev. Once your issues are in DevRev, you can use the GitHub snap-in to continue receiving GitHub events and take advantage of smart automations.

How it works

GitHub Airdrop offers various ways to import and sync issues and users from GitHub. You can import a single repository or as many as you want, you can keep a one time import or a continuous 1-way sync.



The basic import allows you to perform a 1-time import of GitHub issues and users from one or more repositories.

Sync to DevRev

With Sync to DevRev, you can resync a previous import to pull in any new issues or changes to previously imported issues from a GitHub repository.