Bitbucket autonomous work
Bitbucket autonomous work
Sync Bitbucket and DevRev so issue status is always real time and driven by code.

Bitbucket commands

Enable quick actions to close or attribute a PR to DevRev issue(s) with slash commands.



Use commands such as /towards and /close for quick actions and associating Bitbucket Pull Requests to DevRev issues.

How it works

To use this automation, you'll need to connect your Bitbucket with DevRev so we can listen to PR events. When you install this flow, we'll walk you through a few simple steps to connect and setup this flow. You can find more on the supported connection methods here.


Use /commands in Bitbucket Pull Request descriptions to associate Pull Requests to one or more DevRev issues, and close issues.

/towards command

Relate Bitbucket Pull Requests to DevRev issues with a /towards command. Use the /towards command in the PR description to associate the related Bitbucket activity to the issue(s). This will ensure that the PR and issue are linked such that related events are posted and issue status is driven by Bitbucket events.

/close command

Close a DevRev issue with this command. When /close is used, the automation will close the issue(s) when the PR is merged. This is helpful when you intend to not close the issue(s), unless explicitly driven with this command.

/close #work command

Close linked DevRev issues with this command and the "#work" keyword, to close all related issues. The "#work" keyword means that the closure applies to all issues already associated with the Pull Request.