Product-led support
for software shops
not pawn shops
Product-led support for software companies Software companies, especially cloud-native SaaS organizations, have a very different set of requirements compared to pawn shops. For example, the product is mostly code. Leading tech companies have now switched to product-led support that enables better and often proactive customer support that relies on APIs and webhooks. DevRev is the first of its kind that help software companies implement product-led support in a dead simple way. Sign up below and find out for yourself how you can do more with less by taking advantage of APIs and webhooks to connect your customer conversations to product features and developer work. When you sign up for DevRev you can immediately take advantage of the following:
  1. A PLuG conversation widget that you can install on your website and/or app that opens up communications with your users.
  2. Connected workflow of conversations linked to tickets and issues to track work in real-time.
  3. A system of record or visual product catalog connected to your code repository.