What's Up, Doc?

Arun K and Vishal Prabhu Motwani

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We have worked in many major companies. The most difficult part about collaborating with other teams and developers in a big tech company is outdated documenatation of the Code and APIs. Many times, the API behavior is not per the documentation which leads to brittle builds of every software built on it. Thus, keeping the documentation of useful methods and APIs are probably most important to build long term stable software. Hence we decided to build tools to remove friction in documentation workflow

What it does

A Visual Studio Code extension to generate DocString Comments for Code Blocks using the OpenAI API. Currently the Extension supports PHP, Python, Java, JavaScript and TypeScript.

How we built it

We palyed with Open AI tools, brewed some coffee, created the extension and then documented the code using this same extension

What we learned

I personally learnt how different programming languages have so vastly different documentation standards and also so vastly different documentation patterns, for example : The standard Python Code documentation is inside the methods and classes. Also the amount of details needed is far less compared to let's say Java documentations.

What's next for What's Up, Doc?

Adding Support for More Languages and more features to auto detect code blocks (Like Functions and Class) in a File.