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Seungjun Lee

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It's hard to memorize all README page syntax. So here comes Speed Writer. It helps developers to work on GitHub readme pages faster by style selected text just on one command.


One of pain pint as a developer is writing the GitHub Readme page. Every time when creating a new repository, I have to visit "Github how to style README page tutorial". And styling text into I want also takes some time.

So i always wanted to minimize time and work being spend it on. That's why I created Github README page speed writer. Now you don't need to know any syntax of Github Readme page. Just select the text you want to style, the hit the corresponding command.

What it does

It styles selected text into format you want. If you select the certain text, then hit the command "Speed - Bold", then it will convert selected text in to Bold by adding '**' at the start of the string and end of the string. Works for multi lines too!

Like this you can style text in to:

  • largest heading
  • second largest heading
  • small largest heading
  • bold
  • italic
  • Bold and nested italic
  • All bold and italic
  • quote text
  • quote code
  • hyperlink
  • image link
  • list
  • task

How we built it

I used typescript, javascript and VS Code API to build it.

Challenges we ran into

As this was the first time using VS Code API, it was hard to find the right function that can get the result we want.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Styling text with just a one command, no matter how selected text look like, such as single line , mutiple lines. Works correctly for all possible cases.

What we learned

  • Typescript and fundamental knowledge of VC code API
  • Github README page syntax

What's next for README Speed Writer

Creating a real time preview of current README page. So Developers can open two window. on the left side then work on README page on VS Code using this extension, and left side the preview window shows how current document will look like in Github.