Natural Language to Code

Anmol Salvi, Vivek Rathod, Vinay Kumar H and Shahrukh Quraishi

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Natural Language to Code

The extension created generates code from simple Natural Language instructions , user must simply chose which programming language ,decide the problem statement . Works best for Python , Pandas & SQL.


To help budding coders study the code they desire and help them learn through implementation

What it does

Converts Natural Language instructions to Code .

How we built it

Using Javascript and VS Code Extension Development Environment.

Challenges we ran into

Errors , New Syntax acclimation.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Generates good results for Python , Pandas , SQl .

What we learned

Open AI and Codex have exciting capabilities.

What's next for Natural Language to Code

Add more features to the extension to make product more user-friendly than what it is currently.