JetSet for VSCode - An extension to share files from VSCode

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Ever wanted to transfer files as a developer with other developers quickly and with no middlemen?? JetSet for VSCode - a Visual Studio Code extension to quickly transfer files without leaving VSCode.


Users have always wanted the highest control over their data and files while maintaining the ease to share them across with other users. As we know Visual Studio Code is one of the most favourite code editors developers use and the extensions make it more powerful.

What it does

Files as sensitive as .env have to be sent as privately as possible with direct connections. Here comes JetSet for VSCode, a quick and easy file sharing tool built with privacy in mind in form of a Visual Studio Code Extension to quickly transfer files all from within VSCode.

  • Receiver and Sender can generate IDs for each other without any upfront registration and a secure Peer-to-Peer connection is established between them thus having no middlemen with direct access to the actual file being transferred.
  • This extension is compatible with most Visual Studio Code instances and also Visual Studio Code for Web.
  • The other features include: • Easy setup process and seamlessly integrates into any Visual Studio Code environment including the web version • Peer-to-Peer connection between sender and receiver to keep privacy intact • Ability to send files of any format (multiple files or folders can be compressed into .zip format and sent) • Receiver can choose to approve connection request from a sender after verifying sender's identity at discretion

Challenges we ran into

Finding the best way to abstract WebRTC features to establish a peer to peer connection demanded extra work.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

The ease of using the extension and the way received files are handled directly within VSCode all without any registration is something that eases user experience and that's what makes this first of it's kind extension special.

What's next for JetSet for VSCode - An extension to share files from VSCode

Ability for users to authenticate with their profiles on existing platforms like GitHub can be implemented.


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