Surya Kumar Sahani

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First, let me give you a little background on the project. Intellectify is a smart vs code extension with a lot of smart automation for making a developer's life easier and I believe that it has the potential to make a real difference in the world.

Let's deep dive into Intellectify, There are so many programming languages out there, and more are developed every few years. We have Python, JavaScript, PHP, C++, Ruby, and way too many more to list here. Developers have to learn all these languages in order to make themselves survive in this industry and also to understand the projects from other developers in different programming languages. Hiring different developers with different specialization costs to the company on a large scale too. For the solution of this problem, I am introducing a code conversion feature in my project Intellectify, here you can convert code from one programming language to another programming language with just a few clicks, let's see how it works: - In first-line write from which language you want to Convert and to which language you want to Convert in. (Preferably commented) - In the second line write the "From_Language_Name" followed by a colon (":"). (Preferably commented) - From the third line onwards write your code. - The last line will be "To_Language_Name" followed by a colon (":"). (Preferably commented) - Now select the whole text and Open the Command Palette (Ctrl+Shift+P). - Select Intellectify: Convert code

Now let's jump to our next problem statement, i.e. documentation, documentation plays a significant role in the success of a web or software project, regardless of whether it is a small project or a big one. It ensures that project stakeholders are aligned and headed in the same direction. But the problem is, documentation consumes a lot of time and effort to get prepared, even google organizes a program (i.e. Season of Docs) that provides support for open source projects to improve their documentation and gives professional technical writers. What if we can do something to solve this tedious, slow and expensive issue? So here's the solution, Introducing documentation generation feature - Leave at least one empty line at the bottom of your selected text and do not include this empty line in your selection. (Else whole code will be commented out) - Now select the required code snippets for its documentation and Open the Command Palette (Ctrl+Shift+P). - Select Intellectify: Generate documentation

with wrapping up the documentation feature, I want to introduce my 3rd feature of Intellectify, here you can give instructions in any natural language about what you want to code, for example here I will be showing two demos, one with English instructions and another with Hindi instructions,

  • Write proper step-wise instructions to get the desired result.
  • Now select the whole text and Open the Command Palette (Ctrl+Shift+P).
  • Select Intellectify: Write code

Finally, let's come to our last feature and one of the very interesting problem statements, As a developer, I understand one of the major pain of a developer, which is "Searching through his code files". A developer may face difficulty in searching through his code files if the code is not properly organized or if the developer is not familiar with the code. Additionally, if the code is poorly written, it may be difficult to understand and follow. Here comes the need for a semantic search. “Semantic Search” is a strategy and technique designed to enhance the functionality of traditional search strategies.

Here's the question that arises, Why does traditional search fail? Basic, or traditional text-string-matching, search is still widely found across various platforms. By “basic” or “traditional” search I mean that the user enters a keyword in a search box and the search application looks for that word in the document set. Simply put: basic search matches text strings. Essentially the search is “dumb” – it looks for exactly the input text string without any underlying semantic logic. This is precisely the problem that Semantic Search is trying to solve: providing search results around concepts instead of text Strings.

To use this feature - Open any file and Open the Command Palette (Ctrl+Shift+P). - Select Intellectify: Do semantic search, an input search box will appear. - Search anything with logical sense and Press Enter. - Whichever line is making most sense with your search will be get highlighted with viewpoint centered.