Sarvesh Kumar Dwivedi

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Felt the need to reduce time while switching and searching articles so came up with feed opener feature. Sometimes sending mails or sharing snippets was tedious task to do and Beautifying code for an article or social post. Combining all needs came up with DevMan (Developer Manager).

What it does

It reduces developers time while developing and improves productivity.

Manages Developer tasks and more

Next-Level Productivity with AI

Features are:

  • Code Generation

This is the coolest feature it uses openai api. You can generate code for an algorithm. Just write step by step procedure like you are telling someone and use option Devman Generate Code from Algorithm and there you go your code is on your screen with in span of seconds

You can generate algorithm for a piece of code. Ever felt whats happening in the code well no worries use option DevMan Generate Algorithm from Code.

Ever felt the need to update the docs? or just tired to do it. DevMan is there for you use option DevMan Generate Docs and relax.

  • Dictionary

Now no need to search for a dictionary. You can directly use DevMan which uses datamuse api to get synonym and antonym for a word.

  • Email

Many a times we have to mail some part of code to someone and for that we have copy the code and then open the mail client and send it. But now you can send directly from ur vscode just setup email and password in the settings then select the code and type DevMan: Send mail. Enter subject and other details. You can choose from your team list or select multiple emails or random email just from ur IDE. No need to switch windows.

  • Feed Opener & Viewer

Now you can add ur favourite sites and directly open ur desired article of that day from your VS Code.

  • Beautify Code

You can select a piece of code and open it on and modify it. Do you have a desired setting on Just download the config and set it in DevMan settings no need to set it again. Saves a lot of time.

How we built it

Built it with love. Used node,javascript,vscode-api and many other tools. Coffee breaks.

Challenges we ran into

  • Implementing javascript was new. it took time to understand async and await
  • Understanding Vscode api for taking input,showing results ,showQuickPick with multiple select etc
  • Fixing and finding error messages especially handling request and response
  • Appending some examples for generating docs with openai
  • Inserting docs in python functions and classes
  • Developing vscode extension as it was for the first time

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • Coming up with ideas which will help developers
  • It is an opensource project
  • Successfully integrating openai and other apis
  • Eradicated the need to code manually
  • Easily mailing code snippet

What we learned

In my honest opinion I learned a lot

  • Implementing javascript in a real project
  • Making vscode extension
  • Interacting with vscode-api
  • Step wise approach
  • Editing video and making presentation
  • Finally submitting a hackathon project

What's next for DevMan

Still a long way to go from making it a only a developer manager extension

  • Publishing it on marketplace
  • Enhance Dictionary
  • Slack Integration
  • Voice support
  • Article Summary directly from url
  • AI based question answering (
  • More examples to add to work openai api work perfectly