Break Reminder Extension

Orhan Emre Dikicigil

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Break Reminder

  • Break reminder for programmers. Helps your physical health while programming in VSCode.
  • This extension is prepared for DevRev Hackathon.
  • GitHub source code.
  • Youtube video.

Physical Health of Programmers

  • Programmers have to look computer screens long time due to their jobs.
  • Especially when they need to fix a bug, they don't understand how time flies.
  • This affects bad their eye and spine health.
  • Break Reminder reminds break time to programmers and suggests how can they spend this break well.



Install extension from VSCode Marketplace.


  • Active extension and start coding. It will remind you break time after 30 minutes later.
  • You can change default working time if you want. Type cmd+shift+p to launch command palette and select Break Reminder: Change working time. Enter your desired working time. And Break Reminder will send you an information message when time is up.

Used Technologies

  • HTML
  • JavaScript

What I learned?

I learned how to code a VS Code extension in this hackathon.