AutoX Code Pilot

Amaan Sayyad

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AutoX Code Pilot

Problem Statement

90% of the developers are focused on creating productive code for their organizations but while creating the piece of code for the product they have to write code from scratch which is very hectic and time-consuming as per the developer's perspective and that's the reason we are creating "Auto-X Code Pilot" which is a one-stop solution for all of their needs.


Our objective is to create the best AI Code Pilot that can help a developer to write code snippets based on a single line of comments and make his/her work easy and increase productivity by reducing time & cost.


The Implementation Architecture & Methodology is based on the OpenAI Codex Model which is connected to the Public Code and text on the internet that produces code snippets via "AutoX Code Pilot" based on custom inputs by the developer in form of code/comments of their private workspace on VS Code.

Overview- Public Code and text on the internet -> OpenAI Codex Model -> AutoX Code Pilot -> Generating Code on Private Workspace on VS Code.


In Future, the AutoX Code Pilot will be one of the most reliable technology to generate and complete the remaining pieces of Codes to get the best accuracy available in form of extensions impacting millions of lives to make their work easy and increase their day to day productivity.