DevRev's Happy Hour
For Customer Support and CX Innovators
April 16th, 2024
Chica, The Venetian Resort

Join us for an exclusive Happy Hour hosted by DevRev at Chica, The Venetian Resort. This event is tailored for customer support and experience innovators to explore how next-gen AI is transforming CX.

  • DateApril 16th, 2024 (Tuesday)
  • Time5.00 PM - 7.30 PM PDT
  • LocationChica, The Venetian Resort, Las Vegas
Come learn more about
Navigating the challenges of integrating AI with legacy systems

How GenAI can make operations 4x more efficient

Achieving 5x faster resolution and 40% cost savings with AI solutions

Crafting a comprehensive Customer 360 view for deeper insights

Participate in the fun voyage-themed raffle, and stand a chance to win a travel voucher for a Virgin Voyages adventure!#

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GenAI is built in.
Not bolted-on.#

  • Bots are broken. Let us fine-tune your LLM.#

  • Semantic Search gives you a seat at the table with your PMs.#

  • Build workflows using natural language. Make GPT sweat for you.#

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Our “kill switch” to app switching#

  • Toggling between multiple apps is the biggest enemy of productivity#

  • Remove the blame game of connectors: Intercom + Jira + Zapier + Content Management System + User Monitoring#

  • DevRev is where the buck stops for integrations#

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Become a data hero#

  • Support, product, engineering, and incidents data is siloed beyond repair.#

  • GenAI is incomplete without data. And IT has little time to build your insights.#

  • Lead with Customer 360, Product 360, User 360, and Session 360 out-of-the-box with DevRev.#

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Come mingle, exchange ideas, and uncover strategies that can transform your customer experience.

Let’s explore the future of customer support together!
I didn’t want to replace Zendesk with just another ticketing system. I chose to replace it with something like DevRev that tells me: Why do we have this problem? Where is it coming from? When does it get triggered? What do we do to prevent it?”
Vinod Muthukrishnan


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DevRev's Happy Hour