DevRev at Customer Engagement Transformation Conference 2024
Explore Autonomous In-App Agents for your Customer Support at Booth #10

June 12th, 2024 | The Brewery, London

Join us at Customer Engagement Transformation Conference and discover how you can expand your AI agent's skill-set with AgentOS to improve your customer experience.

  • DateJune 12th, 2024
  • LocationThe Brewery, London

AI Powered Customer Support: Beyond Chatbots and Automation#

Catch Mollie Holland, Head of Customer Experience at DevRev live on the Innovation & Technology stage at 2 PM on June 12th.#

This session explores how AI can augment human agents, providing instant insights for personalized, predictive experiences. Leveraging NLP, machine learning, and intent recognition, AI drives intelligent interactions, personalized recommendations, proactive resolution, and emotionally intelligent responses.

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Explore the power of Autonomous In-App Agents at Booth #10#

Meet our team and discover:#

  • How GenAI can make your support ops 4x more efficient
  • How to achieve 5x faster resolution and 40% cost savings with AI
  • How to craft a comprehensive Customer 360 view for deeper insights
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I didn’t want to replace Zendesk with just another ticketing system. I chose to replace it with something like DevRev that tells me: Why do we have this problem? Where is it coming from? When does it get triggered? What do we do to prevent it?”
Vinod Muthukrishnan


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DevRev at Customer Engagement Transformation Conference 2024