Welcome to DevRev!

    We are excited that you have started using the world’s first developer customer relationship management (DevCRM) system brought to you by DevRev.

    DevRev has brought the voice of the customer from the front office and connected it with your product on one end and social, real-time work management on the other.

    Here are some things to get you started with DevRev#

    Improve customer experience#

    Connect with your customers, wherever they are

    • DevRev delivers an in-app conversational and self-service experience through the PLuG widget as well as through email and Slack integrations. Meet customers where they are to quickly discover their requests and address them.

    Deliver high-touch end-user experiences, improving retention and growth

    • Live chat users are twice as likely to convert as prospective customers who do not. Our PLuG widget provides the ability to chat with your users directly within your product.

    Optimize team productivity#

    Converge support and success

    • DevRev’s inbox unifies conversations across live chat, Slack, and email. DevRev tickets structure long-running customer requests and problems.

    Deploy your flows

    • Configure auto responses, auto assignments, SLA tracking, and more in the snap-in marketplace.

    Query across objects using tags

    • Users can filter tickets and issues according to tags. Tags enable folksonomy, which is typically done by individuals for their personal use to add attributes to data, in contrast to taxonomy where the values are centrally managed.

    View activity of your source repositories

    • Instead of manually updating issues, save time by associating GitHub events with work. You can view all GitHub commits, branches, and pull requests in the work's Events tab and automatically update work status.

    Unify your front and back office#

    Connect your teams

    • Unify your customer support and success teams with the product team and collaborate to prioritize customer requests.

    Organize your work

    • DevRev syncs support records (tickets) with engineering work (issues) through the product (parts).

    Connect the product to the customer

    • Bidirectionally sync Jira issues with DevRev’s build app, define your product’s features and capabilities with trails, and connect the customer to product priorities