Your copilot for

A blazingly fast neural engine for next generation customer support and software development


Bringing the power of LLMs and Analytics to rebuild your relationship with your customers

Build software
Support customers
Grow your business as one

Never miss a customer SLA

Auto route, collaborate and triage to solve customer needs in real-time

Scale with autonomous support

Elevate your support team and deflect customer queries with modern AI

Customer-driven software development

Connect development teams and their sprints to customer impact

Craft products with an AI copilot

Triage customer signals and get guidance on product enhancements

One platform for customer support and product development

Software development

A shared view to build software and support customers as one

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Customer support

Support tickets enriched with product, customer and end-user data

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  • technology

    Work management

    Live chat, support ticketing and engineering issues on one platform

  • technology


    Personalize your experience with custom objects, views and more

  • technology


    Extend your experience with APIs and webhooks

  • technology

    Automation engine

    Build, test, deploy, and publish your own automations

  • technology

    Data convergence

    Map your work, customers and product data in one system

  • technology


    Modern stack that brings cloud native scale for millions of users

  • technology

    Low latency

    Consumer grade and real time experiences with text, audio, video

  • technology


    Enterprise grade security and compliance

Powering the next generation of SaaS

The ability of DevRev to connect everything — that’s immense and important.”
Gilad Shriki

Co-founder, Descope

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Experience the future of customer support
  • Next generation chat

    In-app live chat with advanced search and suggested answers

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  • Customer portal

    Immersive portal to get real-time updates on development

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  • Inbox

    Support engineers collaborate in real-time with developers and end-users

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Your AI copilot for customer support
  • Automate first line support

    Self serve with advanced search and auto generated answers

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  • Intelligent commands

    Perform repetitive tasks and summarize with commands

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  • Similar tickets

    Solve common problems faster with similar ticket recommendations

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  • Recommended replies

    Assist support engineers for faster resolution times

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  • technology

    Auto create enhancements

    Generate product enhancements from customer insight

  • technology

    Automate release notes

    Generate release notes for your enhancements

  • technology

    Extract product insight

    Summarize product requests based on customer interactions

  • technology

    Agile done right

    Continuous planning and delivery for the highest business impact

Make the customer’s voice integral to software development
  • Customer insights

    Extract insights and convert them to product enhancements

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  • Insights

    Development metrics that connect with people, work, and customer

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  • Now, Next, Later

    Sprint methodology for continuous customer value

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  • Enhancements

    Get the status of customer requests and product enhancements

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Create powerful integrations with all your favorite apps
  • technology


    Enable real-time bidirectional sync with Slack and bring order to the chaos

  • technology


    Sync with GitHub so issue and status is always real time

  • technology


    Bidirectional sync to coexist with Jira, and transition to DevRev at your pace

  • technology


    Sync your Salesforce accounts, cases and users with DevRev